Consumer Assistance

The Consumer Assistance Bureau assists consumers who are having difficulty with an insurance issue. Consumers may submit complaints involving insurance companies, adjusters, agents, or other insurance industry staff members concerning the issuance or cancellation of policies and the processing of claims. We process complaints in a two-fold process: first, we attempt to resolve any outstanding issues for the consumer and, secondly, we determine if a violation of New Mexico Insurance Code or OSI regulations has occurred and refer it to the appropriate enforcement section.

After submitting this complaint form, a copy of your completed form will be sent to the insurance company, agent or adjuster in order to obtain a written response. Upon receipt of this response, the case will be reviewed and, if necessary, referred for further investigation.

The Consumer Assistance Bureau cannot give you legal advice or act as your representative. We are forbidden from determining liability, damages or making settlement decisions of your behalf. We also cannot rate or recommend particular insurance companies. You may wish to consult with a private attorney to explore what rights of action or other options you may have based on the facts of your particular case.

The Consumer Assistance Bureau handles complaints against most insurance companies. We handle complaints involving:

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We do not handle complaints against group self-insurers or Medicare/Medicaid. To file a complaint against a major medical insurance carrier, you can file a complaint with the Managed Health Care Bureau below. Managed Health Care Insurance Complaint Form

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