Property and Casualty Rate, Rule and Form Filings Bureau

The Property & Casualty Rate, Rule and Form Filings Bureau assists the Office of Superintendent of Insurance in the review and approval of all Property & Casualty rate/rule and form filings to ensure compliance with New Mexico insurance statutes and rules. This office utilizes SERFF (System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing) which offers a technological solution and cost-effective method for facilitating the submission, review and approval of product filings. For further information go to National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) or System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF).

Property & Casualty Assessments – Due July 1, 2019

Please click here for 2019 Invoices for P&C Annual Filing Fees

Bulletin on Personal Lines Renewal Premium Disclosures

Office of Superintendent of Insurance Bulletin 2007-004, which describes in greater detail the requirements originally noted in Bulletin 2003-002 that insurers provide their personal lines policyholders, upon request, with a detailed explanation of the reasons for renewal premium changes.

Product Filing Rules

Bulletin 2018-009 Due date for annual rate and form filing fees owed pursuant to NMSA 1978, 59a-6-1.2.

Bulletin 2007-006 was issued to describe New Mexico’s requirements for filing Property/Casualty rates, rules and forms which substantially changed Property & Casualty product filing statutes effective July 1, 2007.

Bulletin 2006-001, was issued to revise New Mexico’s Property & Casualty product filing rules that went into effect March 1, 2006. Companies must now file rates and rate-related rules separately from forms. Furthermore, most commercial lines product filings can now be submitted on a file-and-use basis.

For more information, view the new Rate/Rule Filing Rules and Form Filing Rules.

Property and Casualty Forms

OBJECTIVE: This rule specifies minimum coverages to be provided by the New Mexico property insurance program, the underwriting association established under Section 59A-29-2 NMSA 1978 of the FAIR Plan Act. [9/15/93; Recompiled 11/30/01]