Health Policy & Consumer Education Bureau

The Health Policy & Consumer Education Bureau engages in data-driven policy-making in response to an ever-changing health insurance market. The bureau identifies and implements solutions to dynamic issues impacting access to health insurance for over 300,000 New Mexicans. We research and analyze data for issues such as surprise billing, access to care, and health insurance claims in an effort to allow data experience to determine changes in regulations or legislation, as appropriate.

The Health Policy & Consumer Education Bureau creates transparency through education, outreach, and development of web-based technology tools and engages stakeholder groups for the development of policy and enforcement strategies. The bureau develops and conducts the statewide Annual Health Insurance Road Show which provides attendees with timely information about the state of affairs surrounding the health insurance industry in New Mexico, raise awareness of consumer assistance available within the Office of Superintendent of Insurance, and trains agents, brokers, and consumers on new or revamped resources available.

The bureau has developed the following web-based resources to assist consumers, agents, and brokers with an updated and integrated website for Health Rate Review and commenting, assist in use of individual health insurance plans by creating an All-Carrier Provider Directory, and assist in the preparation phase for Open Enrollment plan choices by providing a never-before-offered one-stop Health Plan Comparison Tool which provides a side-by-side view of individual health plans available On- and Off-Exchange ( or

Open Enrollment Resources:

  • Health Rate Review Website:
    - View annual requested rates, approved rates, post public comment

  • All-Carrier Provider Directory:
    - Search for healthcare providers by name, by plan, by radius near your home or work

  • Health Plan Comparison Tool:
    - 5 simple steps allow you to search On- and Off-Exchange plans
    - See results for:
    a. Are your preferred doctors in the plan?
    b. Are your medicines covered and what are the associated costs?
    c. Is financial assistance available to help cover the cost of the plan?